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Legislative Committee Report

Legislative Committee-there are current bills moving through the legislature in Hawaii which would improve design-build guidelines in that state.  However, no new bills have been introduced in the current California legislative session which will directly affect existing design-build guidelines.  Our plan for 2011 is to work closely with the AGC and other proponents to develop a “consolidating” bill for 2012 which would bring together all of the various existing bills into one for continuity and simplicity.  We would also hope that this bill would exclude any sunset provisions.  This is a complicated and challenging undertaking which will require a sizeable investment for research, compilation, drafting and lobbying.  We will need financial support from everyone to help facilitate our efforts and this goal.  Please contribute as much as you can, or whatever you can.  A cleaned up and consolidated bill for design-build would be well worth the investment for everyone who does business in California.  Legislative Committee Chair,  Jon Wald 

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