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Legislative Updates

Update: 8/28/18

Prepared by: Platinum Advisors


AB 1080 (Gonzalez Fletcher D)   Public contracts: bid preferences: employee health care coverage.

Summary: Would require a state agency awarding specified contracts to provide a 5% bid preference to that portion of the total bid performed by a bidder or subcontractor that provided credible health care coverage, as defined, to employees during the 12-month period immediately preceding submission of the bid. The bill would establish a procedure for a bidder to claim a bid preference by submitting separate statements from the bidder and each of its qualified listed subcontractors, on a form developed by the Department of General Services with the Department of Industrial Relations, each certifying that it qualifies for the bid preference.


 AB 1425 (Kalra D)   Apprentices.

Summary: Current law requires contractors on public works projects to comply with various requirements for employing apprentices, including, among others, requiring every contractor to submit contract award information to an applicable apprenticeship program that can supply apprentices to the site of the public work. Current law imposes penalties for a violation of requirements relating to apprentices. This bill would require a contractor, within a designated time period, to provide specific written information to applicable apprenticeship committees whose geographic area of operation includes the area of the public works project.


AB 2654 (Quirk-Silva D)   Design-build: Orange County.

Summary: Would authorize the County of Orange to use the design-build process for specified types of public works infrastructure projects, limited to no more than one project per year in excess of $5,000,000. The bill would also authorize the Orange County Flood Control District to use the design-build process for flood protection improvements and would limit those to no more than 12 projects in excess of $5,000,000 prior to January 1, 2025.


AB 2764 (Chau D)   State acquisition of information technology goods and services: exemptions.

Summary: Would make additional provisions of the law pertaining to state acquisition of goods and services applicable to the acquisition of information technology goods and services, including, among others, the Darfur Contracting Act of 2008 and specified provisions related to discrimination in the provision of benefits by contractors. The bill also would make a nonsubstantive change.


AB 3018 (Low D)   State contracts: skilled and trained workforce.

Summary: Current law requires a contractor, bidder, or other entity to provide to the public entity or other awarding body, on a monthly basis while the project or contract is being performed, a report demonstrating compliance with skilled and trained workforce requirements. This bill would require the public agency or other awarding body to forward a copy of the monthly report to the Labor Commissioner for issuance of a civil wage and penalty assessment and a copy of the plan, if any, to achieve substantial compliance with skilled and trained workforce requirements and the response to that plan, as prescribed, if the monthly report does not demonstrate compliance with skilled and trained workforce requirements.

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