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Legislative Updates

Update: September, 2021

Prepared by: Platinum Advisors

DBIA Bill Report

DBIA Bill Report

AB 36

(Gallagher R)   Design-build contracting: Town of Paradise

Status:  8/26/2021-Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Assembly. (Ayes 36. Noes 0.). In Assembly. Ordered to Engrossing and Enrolling.

Location: 8/26/2021-A. ENROLLMENT

Summary: Would authorize the Paradise Irrigation District to use the design-build contracting process to award a contract for a water conveyance pipeline from the Town of Paradise to the City of Chico. The bill would authorize the Town of Paradise to use the design-build contracting process to provide for the provision of sewer treatment to the Town of Paradise, including for infrastructure connecting the Town of Paradise to an existing treatment facility.


AB 137

(Committee on Budget)   State government

Status:  7/16/2021-Approved by the Governor. Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 77, Statutes of 2021.

Location: 7/16/2021-A. CHAPTERED

Summary: This bill authorizes the Director of General Services to use the progressive design-build procurement process for the construction of up to 3 public works projects, as jointly determined by the Department of General Services (DGS) and the Department of Finance and would prescribe that process. For more details on the bill go to Section 13 in this link


AB 902

(O'Donnell D)   School facilities: design-build contracts.

Status: 5/7/2021-Failed Deadline pursuant to Rule 61(a)(3). (Last location was ED. on 2/25/2021)(May be acted upon Jan 2021).

Location: 5/7/2021-A. 2 YEAR.

Summary: Until January 1, 2025, existing law authorizes a school district, with the approval of the governing board of the school district, to procure design-build contracts for public works projects in excess of $1,000,000, awarding the contract to either the low bid or the best value, as provided. For those projects using best value as a selection method, existing law requires competitive proposals to be evaluated by using only the criteria and selection procedures specifically identified in the request for proposals, and requires the school district, as it deems appropriate, to weigh certain minimum factors, including price of the project. This bill would authorize a school district, as an alternative to price of the project, to instead weigh as a factor the proposing design-build entity’s design cost, general conditions, overhead, and profit as a component of the project price.


AB 1499

(Daly D)   Transportation: design-build: highways.

Status: 8/30/2021-Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Assembly. (Ayes 39. Noes 0.).

Location: 8/30/2021-A. DESK.

Summary: Current law authorizes regional transportation agencies, as defined, to utilize design-build procurement for projects on or adjacent to the state highway system. Current law also authorizes those regional transportation agencies to utilize design-build procurement for projects on expressways that are not on the state highway system, as specified. Current law repeals these provisions on January 1, 2024, or one year from the date that the Department of Transportation posts on its internet website that the provisions described below related to construction inspection services for these projects have been held by a court to be invalid. This bill would delete the January 1, 2024, repeal date, thus extending the above provisions indefinitely.


AB 128

(Ting D)   Budget Act of 2021.

Status: 1/28/2021-Referred to Com. on BUDGET.

Location: 1/28/2021-A. BUDGET.

Summary: This bill would make appropriations for the support of state government for the 2021–22 fiscal year.



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